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Bottled Water Compared to Water Purified at Home

Among the most advocated for ways of ensuring that people stay healthy for many years is the drinking of water. Since water is a universal solvent for all the body’s biological reactions, it is considered to be very important. Prevention of water and the improvement of the overall body health are some of the things that science has proven about water. For this reason, numerous companies have entered the trade in ensuring that they provide bottled water for people. The importance of buying this bottled water instead of drinking that which is available at home is something that a person would question.

Every person is probably aware of the fact that in the world, saltwater is more than fresh water. Most of the water in our home sources such as boreholes is saltwater. There is a possibility of the water from such sources containing harmful substances even though it may be rich in essential salts and minerals. For bottled water to be made available to clients, a series of purification processes are involved. All the unneeded minerals and salts are removed from the water leaving only those that are essential during the purification process. Apart from these, other salts and minerals not present in the original form of the water are added too by some companies. However, you may need to know that real health benefits of bottled water.

Bottled water is also known to be improved with the addition of additives that improve a person’s digestive system. Note that most illnesses are in one way or another related to the intake of nutrients during digestion. One thing that bottled water has been known to do is stimulating the body in the production of digestive enzymes. Drinking of purified water gives your body redox elements that help in improving your digestion, unlike the unpurified water.

The cost of buying anything is one that every person that buys anything is very critical about. A cost will have to be incurred every time you get bottled water which is not the case with the water you get from your local sources. But you need to look at this from a different angle. The bottled water may be sold but it is already purified. On the other hand, one has to incur the cost of purifying the water if you use the free water. The price of buying bottled water compared to that of purifying the water yourself is much lower. The main reason for this is due to the large quantities bottled water is purified in. Economies of scale mean that this is a much cheaper method.

The last thing that your buying of bottled water will do apart from improving your heath is giving back to the society. A portion of the revenues earned by bottled companies is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the less privileged.

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